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Welcome to AAA Collectors, Inc.

We are a full service collection agency serving the Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado area. We offer competitive rates for both past due accounts and check collections. We have no membership fees and never charge our clients for our services unless we collect.
We are fully licensed, insured and bonded so you can be assured that our collection services are professional, secure and legal. As a locally owned company, we pride ourselves on giving 100% effort to each client with the most personal service.
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AAA Collectors, Inc. has been proudly serving the Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado area since 1977. Over the years we have built a strong reputation for getting positive results and providing solutions should any difficulties arise.
We offer very competitive rates and our successful results put us above the competition. If our efforts are unsuccessful, we have a team of associate agencies and attorneys that we will forward the accounts to in order to continue working to get you the results you deserve.
We also have a toll-free phone number for clients living outside of the Colorado Springs, Colorado area and wish to use our services. Please call 1-800-469-9086.
For your convenience we accept: Debit Cards, Visa, and MasterCard.
Once you have signed up with us, we also have online account placement available here.
Whether you wish to speak to someone about an existing collection or you need to know the options you have to request a new collection, give us a call.

About AAA Collectors, Inc.

AAA Collectors, Inc. was founded by Tom Barrett in March 1977. He is still the president and owner of the company. Tom has been in the collection business, in one capacity or another since the mid-1960's. He built the company from the ground up, starting with an office in Colorado Springs and one in Englewood.
Tom did most outside sales himself, building the client base with retail accounts (Dave Cook, Gart Brothers, May D&F), medical (Eisenhower Hospital, National Health Labs, Dr. Freid & Associates) and bad checks (Target, K-Mart and King Soopers). He also accepted second assignments from nationwide check recovery services such as Checkrite.
In 1981, he combined both offices and bought a building on S Lincoln Street in Denver. A new office was opened in Colorado Springs in February 1994 at Flintridge and Academy. That space was quickly outgrown and Tom purchased a building on Academy just south of Penrose Community Hospital in January 1998.
Lori Harding was initially with the company from 1978-1981. She declined to go to Denver when Tom moved both offices there and continued to gain collection experience for the next 13 years with Dynamic Adjustment Agency. In 1993, Tom contacted her with an offer to run a new Colorado Springs office and she rejoined AAA in February 1994 and has been with the company since that time.
With the experience of the principals and our wonderful employees, we have a combined 75+ years in the collection industry. We service the entire state of Colorado and also do out of state collections as well as forward accounts to affiliated agencies/attorneys nationwide if our collection efforts have been unsuccessful. Our team of collectors, skip tracers and legal clerks are second to none.
We litigate in all Colorado counties and have an experienced collection attorney on retainer to handle appearances in all county courts. We also have the services of experienced, tenacious process servers who serve our legal papers and get the job done under even the most trying circumstances.
We strive to give our clients excellent results on their placements while making a conscious effort to work with the debtors enabling them to resolve their debt in a manner that is acceptable to all.
If you have any questions or would like more information about our collection services, please contact us today.